Services & Pricing

Sea Ranch Images clients are homeowners, Realtors, rental property managers, architects, and designers. Our goal is to partner with each client to promote their business, sell their listings, and/or market their rentals–by providing beautiful, professional real estate photography and other related services. In addition to professional photography, Sea Ranch Images can provide you with a full range of products and services, such as custom apps (for devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices), 360 degree virtual tours, websites, and more.  We will work with you to understand your goals and to determine what collection of products and services will best serve you.

A Typical Shoot

Our fee for 25-30 professional high-resolution images is typically $475. When photographing interiors, we will normally employ flash lighting and reflective equipment–to ensure a natural looking balance between the inside and outside exposure levels, and to light all areas in the room. While the use of lighting equipment does take more time and care, we have found that the results more than justify the effort. If appropriate, we will also return at twilight (or sunrise) to capture more dramatic images.

We like to do a walkthrough a few days before the actual shoot. This allows us to understand the unique characteristics of every project, and helps us predict the best time(s) of the day–when the natural sunlight will be most flattering. We will then work with you to schedule the best shooting schedule. Typically we will shoot at several different times, on multiple days.

Occasionally our walkthrough will show us that your project is larger (or smaller) than our typical one. Sea Ranch Images will provide you with a firm price quote following the walkthrough. We deliver images to you in sizes appropriate for web use (such as MLS listings) and for print use (flyers, print advertising) on a thumb drive–and also through a private, password-protected web gallery, at Images will always be available to you on, whenever you have a computer and internet connection. Our goal is to process the images within 48 hours of completing the shoot.

Whenever we photograph a property, we also include several extra tools to help your marketing efforts, at no additional cost to you . . .

Custom App:  An app for your property, branded for you. Our custom apps are designed for smart phones (iPhone and Android) and tablets (iPad and Android), but also viewable on computer. View A Sample (For best viewing experience open the following link on your smart phone or tablet )

Social Marketing:  We understand the value of in-bound links to increase your search engine ranking and make it more likely that your potential customers will find your property.  We will create two in-bound link posts to your property listing page. First, we will create a post on the Sea Ranch Images Facebook page, complete with description, photos and link.  Second, we will create a post on the Sea Ranch Images web site blog, complete with description, photos and link.


Optional Services

When you need even more help to market your property, Sea Ranch Images offers the following additional services . . .

Virtual Tours: Unlike other “virtual tours” you may have seen, the virtual tours from Sea Ranch Images provide a true 360 degree viewing experience.  We don’t just take still photographs and make them appear to be moving.  Because we use equipment and software specifically designed for delivering realistic panoramic images, our virtual tours are much more realistic than anything you’ve seen before. As the viewer, you are in charge of where you look.  Up, down, left, right, in, out . . . you truly have a sense of “being there”.  For the ultimate virtual tour experience, use the free iPad/iPhone app–or view on your computer. Either way, we think you’ll be surprised to see what’s possible. View A Sample.

Property Web Site: We will create a unique web site for your property. The site will be based on the popular WordPress platform, and will include photos,  property descriptions that echo your listing or rental page, a map to your property, and more. View A Sample.

Aerial Photography: Ask us about our aerial photography options. Depending on where the property is located, we may be able to shoot from above–at a very reasonable price, especially when combined with a “normal” shoot.