About Us

Sea Ranch Images has grown out of our strong interest in architecture and photography. When Karen and I moved to The Sea Ranch in 2011, we were, of course, drawn here by the beauty of the North Coast of California. We love the beautiful location, and we love the architectural style that is so much an important part of this community.  Our passion for architecture, and this beautiful coast is evident in the real estate photographs that we take to help you market and sell your property.

To complement our photography, we also offer web design and print media services. For more than ten years, we have built and maintained websites for a wide variety of clients, including artists, photographers, and real estate agencies. As the internet and digital photography technologies have evolved so quickly, we have been right in the thick of things. Karen and I are always looking for opportunities to apply the latest technologies to our work. In creating Sea Ranch Images, we are bringing together our experience in design, computer technology, photography, and architecture—and we’re having a lot of fun doing it.

Our approach to photography is simple. We treat each project individually. No two are the same. The goal is to capture professional real estate photographs  that show off the property to its greatest advantage. We first do a quick site visit, to gain an understanding of the size, style, and siting of the property. This will tell us a number of things, including what equipment we need and the best time(s) of day deliver the most effective natural lighting. Since most of our projects are close to our home, we usually do more than one “shoot”–to get the best lighting possible.

It is important for our clients to tell us what they want the photographs to do. You might have ideas about specific features or points of view you want us to be sure to capture. We will also bring “new eyes”—but it’s the combination of your perspective and ours that is needed. We will work together to show off the property to its best advantage.

Typically we will deliver 20-30 images for a typical northern California  coast home of 1,500 to 2,500 square feet. Larger homes may call for more, smaller ones less. You, our client, view the images on a secure website, decide which ones you want to use, and download them. We always offer you every photo is seven sizes—ranging from approximately 60 KB to 10 MB, or more. You choose which sizes you want, based on the use (web, print, etc.). We have found this to be the most effective way to deliver our photos. If you require them on DVD, we can provide that.

Our clients have the license to publish on the web or print the images for any use related to marketing the property or promoting their services.  There are no extra charges or licensing issues. Use the photographs wherever and as often as you like to promote your business or property.  Sea Ranch Images retains the copyright and reserves the right to use your photos to promote our services to others and to license the images to others.

We are particularly excited about some new developments in panorama photography. Commonly referred to as “virtual tour” technology now makes it possible to simulate the experience of being there like never before. We offer interactive visual tours as a part of our services.  These tours are viewable on iPad/tablets and smart phones, as well as on computers in all modern browsers.

Mike and Karen Kaiser